Color observations

Was arranging items in my bathroom and noticed an unintentional color story… Lime green is going strong with more muted moss colors creeping in…



Screen saver?

I think I know where they got the inspiration for the Microsoft screen saver… This woman in the photo is not me as I was taking the picture – but the dog is mine, not her best side….


Random posts…

It has been a while since I have posted ANYTHING… I am going to try and post something at least once a week – mostly related to art, design & craft or really just anything… random stuff I think about…. My mantra has recently been “an little bit is better than nothing”, e.g., writing, making stuff, exercising, house cleaning – you get the idea.

And hopefully with PICTURES – I am a visual person – and really, who doesn’t like pictures?!?!

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 9.57.55 AM

Here is a visual I use to use when teaching about CREATIVITY and how it works TOGETHER to create new ideas!


▶ Paper busts gaining attention – YouTube

▶ Paper busts gaining attention – YouTube.


Awesome installation art…


Awesome installation art… – The Meta Picture.

I think I love this because of my background in Surface Pattern Design…


Lost and Jealous


Lost and Jealous.

This just kinda hit me as being cool…


Bill Gekas Photography | The Gallery

Field Day

Bill Gekas Photography | The Gallery

Great idea – well executed!